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Start Here and Choose Your Profession

Start Here and Choose Your Profession

You can help prevent child abuse.

Welcome to the interactive training website for mandated reporters in North Dakota.

We all play a role in the safety of our community’s children. Each of us face the likelihood of becoming the one person who could save a child by recognizing, reporting, and preventing child abuse and neglect.

Who is a mandated reporter?

Though anyone in North Dakota may report suspected abuse or neglect to Child Protection Services, mandated reporters are people whose profession requires them, by law, to make an official report. These roles may include anyone working in child care, medical providers, law enforcement, education, members of the clergy, and some others who are not categorized.

To make a report, you only need reasonable cause to suspect that abuse or neglect has occurred, you do not need to be a witness or have certainty that it has occurred.

About this training

We have developed this curriculum to be as easy to understand as possible. Most people are able to complete it within an hour. You will be able to login, save your progress, and receive a certificate of completion after testing your knowledge at the end. To get started, simply select your profession.

Child Care Workers

This role includes any person, group of persons, or agency responsible for the education and supervision of the child/children in their care in exchange for money, goods, or services.

Medical Providers

This role includes dentists, dental hygienists, optometrists, doctors, nurses, health care workers, medical examiners, coroners, hospice workers, or any other medical providers.

Mental Health

This role includes any person licensed as a Tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 mental health provider, family and juvenile services employees, domestic violence professionals, and childcare licensors.

Law Enforcement

This role includes people who are police, or law enforcement officers, juvenile court personnel, probation officers.


This role includes people who are schoolteachers, administrators, school counselors, special education providers, school social workers, and tutors.

Members of the Clergy

This role includes those who offer religious guidance, including clergy, faith-based counseling providers, or practitioners of the healing arts.

All Others

This role is for all others, including people who are not mandated reporters but wish to educate themselves, which may consist of extended family, friends, neighbors, film or photograph processors, computer technicians, and those providing community support.

What if we could reduce child abuse and neglect by 100%?

What if every child could wake up nurtured and safe?

What if the solutions were in our hands?

They are.

The goal of 0% child abuse is reachable.

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