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See "Abandonment"

Abuse: physical
See "Physical abuse"

Abuse: sexual: touching
See "Sexual abuse"

Abuse: sexual: non-touching
See "Sexual abuse"

Abuse: sexual: exploitation
See "Sexual abuse"

Administrative assessment
See "Administrative assessment"

Administrative referral
See "Administrative referral"

Alternative response assessment
A child protection response involving substance exposed newborns which is designed to:

  1. Provide referral services to and monitor support services for a person responsible for the child's welfare and the substance exposed newborn; and
  2. Develop a plan of safe care for the substance exposed newborn.

See "Why report?"

Child Protection Team
A local multi-disciplinary advisory group, composed of community representatives, who help make decisions in child protection assessments

Children’s Advocacy Centers
An agency that helps coordinate investigations of child abuse by providing a child-friendly location for interviews and medical examinations, and by coordinating services for children suspected of being abused

Citizen Review Committee
A group of community representatives who have expertise in prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect; they examine the policies, procedures, and practices of state and local child protection agencies

County Social Services
An agency of local government, organized under the Board of County Commissioners, that is responsible for directing human service activities such as economic assistance and child welfare. County Social Service Boards act as authorized agents of the Department of Human Services for providing child protection services.

False report
See "False reporting"

Mandated reporter
See "Who must report?"

Neglect: abandonment
See "Abandonment"

Neglect: educational
See "Educational neglect"

Neglect: physical
See "Physical Neglect"

Neglect: physical: hygenic
See "Physical neglect"

Neglect: physical: medical
See "Physical neglect"

Neglect: physical: nutritional
See "Physical neglect"

Neglect: psychological maltreatment
See "Psychological maltreatment"

Prenatal exposure to a controlled substance
Use of a controlled substance as defined in chapter 19-03.1 by a pregnant woman for a nonmedical purpose during pregnancy as evidenced by withdrawal symptoms in the child at birth, results of a toxicology test performed on the mother at delivery of the child at birth, or medical effects or developmental delays during the child's first year of life that medically indicate prenatal exposure to a controlled substance.

Substance exposed newborn
An infant twenty-eight days of age or younger at the time of the initial report of child abuse or neglect and who is identified as being affected by substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms or by a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.