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North Dakota Century Code Statutes

Application – Purposes – Proof – Criminal Code Definitions (NDCC 12.1)

Child Abuse and Neglect (NDCC 50-25.1) 

Child Welfare (NDCC 27-20.3)

Child Victim and Witness Fair Standards (NDCC 12.1-35)

Criminal Attempt, Facilitation, Solicitation, Conspiracy (NDCC 12.1-06)

Criminal intelligence information and criminal investigative information (NDCC 44-04-18.7)

Delinquency (NDCC 27-20.4)

Disclosure of Confidential Information Provided to Government (NDCC 12.1-13-01)

Division of Juvenile Services (NDCC 27-21)

Domestic Violence (NDCC 14-07.1)

Female Genital Mutilation (NDCC 12.1-36-01)

General Provisions Delegations of Powers by Parent or Guardian (NDCC 30.1-26-04)

Guardianship of a Child (NDCC 27-20.1)

Guardians of Minors (NDCC 30.1-27)

Juvenile Court Act (NDCC 27-20.2)

Liability and Culpability (NDCC 12.1-02-02)

Medical County Coroner (NDCC 11-19.1)

Minors (NDCC 14-10)

Parent and Child – Abuse or Neglect of Child – Penalty (NDCC 14-09-22)

Protection and Advocacy (NDCC 25-01.3)

Powers and Duties of the Department of Health and Human Services (NDCC 50-06)

School Attendance (NDCC 15.1-20)

Sex Offenses (NDCC 12.1-20)

Sexual Performances by Children (NDCC 12.1-27.2)

Students and Safety (NDCC 15.1-19-02)

Uniform Controlled Substances Act (NDCC 19-03.1)


Administrative Rules

Approved Locations for Abandoned Infants NDAC 75-03-19.2
Assessment of Child Abuse and Neglect Report, NDAC 75-03-19
Child Fatality Review Panel NDAC 75-03-19.1

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